Author: Scot Ulmer

Scot Ulmer is a real estate professional, philanthropist and family man based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Entrepreneurship: 5 Common Qualities all Entrepreneurs Possess

Though the definition of success can vary from person to person, those who consider themselves entrepreneurs often share many of the same characteristics. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur yourself, it may be beneficial to see if you possess these similar qualities. Here are five common attributes that most entrepreneurs possess: First, to become a successful entrepreneur, you… Read more →

Giving a Great Presentation

Giving a presentation in front of a large group of people, especially if it is a reflection of recent work you’ve been doing, can be quite nerve-racking. Many people don’t know how to prepare for presentations and lose the ability to make a significant impact on their career – whether they are journalists, business partners, real estate agents, or potential… Read more →

Tipping Point: The Importance of Work-Life Balance

  It may seem that the only way to get ahead in the corporate world is to work ahead, staying late at the office, and sacrificing valuable personal and family time to make a good impression. However, if this is the mindset that your company instills in you, then they’re probably not offering a very supportive environment for their employees.    I… Read more →